Hi, I’m Paul Dumitru and I’ve been doing storytelling – may it be in words or drawings – since 2006: as a journalist, content marketing professional, online marketing adviser, social media enthusiast, writing coach, creative thinker, freelancer and entrepreneur.

I combine all these skills and use them to help you tell your stories in an engaging, powerful way, both offline and online.

Right now, in my work, I’m focusing mostly on visual storytelling, taking part in creative conversations (i.e. events, conferences, workshops, strategic meetings, team meetings etc.) where I use drawings to turn people’s ideas and abstract concepts into meaningful visual stories.

Down the road, these visual stories help people to better understand, remember, work, co-create and facilitate innovation. There are all kinds of names for this process: graphic recording, graphic facilitation, scribing, sketch noting, mind mapping. It all depends on the context and the objectives, but in the end, the root has one name: visual thinking.

Below is my work experience and my story. While it could be separated into chapters, these chapters overlap and intertwine. An experience lead to another and, in the end, altogether, they are weaving both a career and personal story of struggle, discovery and enthusiasm.

This is my story. For my detailed work experience you can take a sneak peak at my LinkedIn profile.