leaders-academy-7th-editionHow would it be if you could take a week off and go to the mountains to have one of the most waking experience in your life about taking the leadership role seriously and doing whatever it takes to accomplish the mission of your team.

Whether that means to build a boat with almost bare hands and then sail across a lake, or start an orange juice business in less than 24 hours with everything it involves, or maybe organising a quartet concert in Brasov’s central square, well… time will tell.

My challenge was to summarise, in a visually compelling brief, the Leaders Academy – one of the most practical leadership programs on the market for young managers and entrepreneurs, organised by Leaders Foundation. So participants would know what they should expect.

Of course no drawing can replace, so you could try it yourself, this summer, at the 7th edition: http://www.leadersacademy.ro/

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