In the summer of 2010, in the middle of the economic crisis, I realized that I must quit my job. I was reporter with business weekly Money Express, one of the most valuable magazines in Romania at that point, but we were confronting with financial challenges. So I decided to begin a journey on my own: freelancing.

Although I started it with fear, it proved to be the best career-related decision I could have taken back then. I ended up working less while earning more. I became more productive and relaxed.

PortalHR, a leading independent news website focused on subjects related to human resources and career, took me an interview about my career shift:

Finishing the second dish before the dessert

Photo-0083-160x160Usually, someone with Paul Dumitru’s theoretical background would certainly be a journalist.And for a while, it has really been that way. Between 2006 (when he was still a student) and last summer, nothing seemed to announce titles like “Writing Coach” an “Words Magician”, which people can now find on his profile. If the novelty of his jobs or his original professional path cought your attention, you can find out more about this career renegade in the interview below.

How did the idea of making this change to your career come to your mine?

Truth be told, it wasn’t really my idea. At least, it wasn’t an idea I started with in mind, but with a problem. It’s the old story: you make the biggest step in the hardest moment, when it’s mandatory.

When I made the change, in the summer of 2010, the magazine I was writing for couldn’t pay the salaries anymore and there was rumor that it won’t get better any soon (although it didn’t prove afterwards). Because my rent and monthly payments went on. My family couldn’t offer me financial support and I considered to be a mistake to take a loan, I decided to act. So I quit. This way, I had only one option: change something. [Read more]

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