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Yesterday was a really BIG day for me and for hundreds of other people who attended this year’s edition of TEDxBucharest, titled “Make it happen!”

That’s exactly why I was there: to make it happen. The conference begun at 10:00 am and it ended at 8:00 pm. It was a graphic recording marathon for me. And although I thought I’d never be able to handle 17 speakers, and speeches that lasted only 20 minutes, I proved myself I was wrong.

This year’s edition brought a whole new breed of subjects, ranging from stories about Brâncuși’s work across the world; an adventurous trip to Indonesia; recovering after a parachute failed to open; electro-smog; chasing global criminals; why is Romania the engine of Europe; the 5th power: social media; how to start a company without financing.

But this wasn’t the only challenge. I had to stand up for about 9 hours straight. And I had to improvise some lightning with my iPhone’s flash LED because the lights went off during the speeches and I did not know this would happen.

Anyway, it turned out pretty well. Four canvases full of stories. And nothing can be more gratifying that seeing people gather around to take notes, make photos and ask me about my work.

Check out the drawings!

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