dare-to-sketch-note-iasiThe Dare to Sketch Note Workshop starts early on this year, thanks to the people from The Grape. This rather young and enthusiastic co-working space in Iași invited me to hold a session for their members and other people interested in giving life to visual notes on March 14, 2014.

There was a great atmosphere in a fresh and ambitious space, where we let drawings unfold.

The 21 people who attended came in with creative energy, openness, focus and exquisite questions. I felt very good among them — I really wish I’d have this kind of people in all my future workshops!

Once again I got impressed by how much creativity people have when they leave aside the wish to control things — which is, nonetheless, one of my central goals with this workshop.

In sketch noting there is no right or wrong. There is only the tendency to compare sketches with professional drawings or art, which is never the case. Sketch noting should be fun and light. And it must be fast. That’s why drawing like a painter will never be a winning game.

Sketch noting is more about suggesting and illustrating, than beautifying!

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