How about sketch noting on the beach? Sounds pretty fun! Impact Hub Bucharest kindly asked me to join them in their summer trip to Vama Veche, from 5th to 18th of August 2013. There, they harbored a relaxed co-working space and lots of events for their members and, why not, for people on the beach as well.

On August 8 I held one of these workshops, focusing on visual note taking and was pretty impressed by the 14 attendees who joined in and put their pencils at work.


A few people came all the way from Bucharest, 2 days before the weekend, especially to get to the workshop, which was flattering.

And there was also a child taking part in the experience and amazing me with his creativity and clear mind. Which reminded me the reason why there’s also a version of this workshop for children.

The Dare to Sketch Note Workshop is about braking the fear of perfectionism in drawing and making the first steps towards changing the way you are used to take notes in your agenda.

Whether it’s the weekly meeting at the job, pitching sessions, annual planning or conferences, your notes could emphasize the meaning of your work and life.

New editions of the workshop are coming up! Wanna be notified directly in your inbox?

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