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How would it be if we could envision our plans? Would it be easier afterwords to make them work? I believe that’s the effect!

Drawing Adrian‘s plans for 2014 has been quite the most complex job I have done until now. Not only because he’s got quite a complex year in itself, but also because it has been one of the most meticulously developed graphic facilitation project.

The difference between graphic recording and graphic facilitation lies in the very definition of each. Recording is when I transform something that I listen to and filter into a visual representation, the way that I see it. Instead, facilitation is when the subject (read client) has he power to influence the way I represent things on paper.

In other words, I’m not drawing my interpretation, but his own. He has the power to say what should be in the middle of the page. What should be bigger. What should be emphasized.

Adrian is one of the most hard-working people I know. He’s got a construction company, which he founded 7 years ago and kept growing it. In time, he also built a department of research, to help him develop innovative ways to make his services better, which is quite a rare thing in Romania. The scientists he hired turned out very creative and found new ways to improve the quality of certain services. Like repairing the roads. Using a process found in microwave-based products, which they amplified and modified, the small repairs are three times more enduring.

In graphic facilitation my work changes quite a lot, too. Instead of being hyper-attentive to what’s being said by a speaker, I had the time to develop the way the final output looks like though a consultancy session with Adi. That’s when I got him though all sorts of questions that also helped him clarify his own ideas and see connections and side things that he might have missed otherwise.

I first started doing this process for myself, in the form of writing my own yearly resolutions. Then I realized that drawing them feels so much better, because I got to understand how seemingly different things that I’m doing actually turn out to be interconnected. It’s been already three years since I’ve been doing my annual planning visually. And you know what? Those plans are happening!

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