I’m helping people to make meetings more meaningful by graphically harvesting the essence in real time, through drawings. I am simultaneously listening, analyzing, synthesizing and organizing the key points of the meeting in a form that would afterwards become the visual anchor for the people who attend.

IMG_2775But the trick is that it is merely about sketching. It’s rather a practical way of envisioning the changes you want to make. It is an ongoing process that paves the way for bringing into light innovative ideas and for connecting the dots.

I won’t remind you the old story that an image is more than 1.000 words. What I wanna tell you is that we are visual beings. 80% of what we learn is visual and people are more responsive and open to images than to plain text. So let’s use this powerful tool to enhance everything we do!

Whether you organize an external event (like a public conference, round table, world cafe) or an internal event (like a strategic meeting, training, team building, workshop), I can help you to give your participants a greater way to see what they are experimenting. To envision the concepts they are working with. To make constructive connections. And to remember what it was all about.

Then you can take the drawings with you and post them on the Internet (as a marketing tool, if it’s a public conference), or in your company’s headquarters (as a visual anchor for your employees). The attendees can also instantly take photos that will help them remember and reconnect to what has been discussed, concluded and decided as next steps.