I believe we deserve to know the people, projects and businesses around us. Go beyond words and descriptions. And they deserve to get to us in a creative, engaging and sincere way.

Visual Storytelling turns facts, information and complex business concepts into compelling stories.

Whether it’s a creative PowerPoint, a Prezi or a your own drawing super-powers, it has never been easier to tell your audience who you are, what you do and why you do it.


thumbnail-preziAre you an entrepreneur looking for new ways to successfully tell the stories of your business and projects? This is a different way of explaining complex things at the pace of your client.

Are you a holding a speech in a conference or for your employees as part of a corporate program? Then you might wanna bring some more added value to your audience through the presentation that is complementing your speech.
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Facebook Cover Stories
This is a powerful tool to tell your story in a nutshell, catching the eye of newcomers who recently connected with you.
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Dare to Sketchnote Workshop
Do you hold workshops for your company and want to improve your presentation skills? Do you lead a team and want to better present them your plans for the next year? Do you wanna make the most of the conferences, workshops and meetings that you attend by improving your own note taking skills? Then this is a workshop for you!
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