TEDx Bucharest 2013: Make it happen!

This year’s edition of TEDxBucharest brought a whole new breed of speakers and subjects, ranging […]

Is this what we’ve learned in 5 years of recession?

Romanian economy went up 3% in 2013. Despite this is the biggest growth rate since […]

Romanian Business Leaders Summit

This graphic recording is done for Romanian Business Leaders (RBL), a foundation that facilitates the […]

Future: Romania’s European Dreams

Romania proudly joined the European Union in 2007, but the dream of integration — once […]

Corporate communication: does it really work?

On the sunny morning of March 27, communications company Image PR held a workshop about […]

The Circumplex Effect

Human Synergistics International have done a great deal of effort to develop and successfully implement […]

The Volatile Security of ePayments

It’s been almost 20 years since the first bank card was issued in Romania and […]

TEDx Cluj: Learn ● Unlearn ● Relearn

What would it mean to be able to stretch our minds – at least virtually […]

FORUM: Good future for our children

As the regional situation in the Eastern Europe abounds in tension (with the military pressure […]

United Way 2015 Gala

There is no grater way to emphasise the impact of an NGO like United Way […]

The Balanced Woman

I attended The Balanced Women conference in Satu Mare (north-western Romania) in order to translate […]

Towards Collaborative Practices

Towards Collaborative Practices was an European conference taking place between 24-26 November 2015, in Malmö […]

Consultative meeting on youth work

A consultative meeting organised for the preparation of a draft recommendation going from the Committee of […]

Never talk to strangers (with drawings!) :-D

A conference organised by the Romanian Police and Groupama for informing people on how to […]

Social Media Summit: the risen and fallen

A summit covering the development of the Romanian social media realm, as it grows to 3 […]

HR Club Romania Gala: delivering value

During the 2016 HR Club Romania Gala,  Dave Ulrich, Professor at the Ross School of Business, […]

Digital Assembly 2016 (Bratislava)

The European Union must adapt to the fast-paced changing environment of the 21st Century digital […]

Scottish Resources Conference 2016

Scotland is one very concerned country about its own footprint and has tons of initiatives […]

European Development Days 2016

Europe has never stop being a leader in exposing world issues and searching for solutions to […]