“If I allow my voice to fly free, then it will show me who I truly am.” – Kefas Berlin


What if your voice could reflect your personal power? And what if, through your voice, you would gain the energy, strength and confidence to express who you really are?

Everyday life pulls and pushes you and creates imbalance emotionally, intellectually and body wise. The voice is a fantastic tool to regulate that.

We invite you to join a two days workshop (April 18-19, 2015) – a dynamic self-discovering experience, where you will learn how to use your voice as a tool for your own personal growth, self trust and freedom. Let’s just trust and allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable.

Think about it:

  • do you want to make yourself heard?
  • is it hard for you to use your voice just as it is?
  • are you afraid to sing and feel free?
  • do you long for expressing what is on your mind and heart?
  • do you want to learn how you could work with your voice as a tool for personal development?

If any of these matches you, then this might be an experience you don’t want to miss.

what-is-it-likeWe will express a lot, sing and learn to breathe. We will allow ourselves to use our voice in a powerful way (not necessarily loud or by shouting). Through movement and sound, in an atmosphere of trust and playfulness, we will be discovering ways of being more authentic, powerful and courageous, revealing and allowing ourselves to shine. Not pushing limits, not breaking personal boundaries.

oana-boeru“It brought me closer to my body, made me wonder about its unlimited possibilities, taught me simple ways to relax and to meditate, taught me about breathing and the space of silence between in and out. I discovered the world of inner sounds and the silence and harmony they can bring to my body and mind and soul. It was a space of love and self-exploration”. – Oana Boeru

alice-mihailescu“I still keep in my soul that astonishing experience that we shared together! For me that seminar was a WOW experience! I enjoyed every exercise that Kefas had taught us during that weekend, even if some of them were quite challenging for me! I appreciate very much the way Kefas taught us with ease, grace and that wonderful playfulness! There were for me shifts and insights that I never expected, which left me in wonder! I am so grateful because now I finally met my voice and I know that she is a stronger one! She is the Voice and she allows me to fully express myself now!” – Alice Mihăilescu

cristina-apopei“It was a journey within where I got to reconnect with my voice, freeing it from any expectations or projections. Wonderful insights and sounds came out. I am happy to have found the sounds that are representative for me here and now. I feel more connected to my body, to my voice and to the people around me.” – Cristina Apopei


kefas-berlinKefas Berlin has been a dancer, musician, singer, actor and director. He graduated from Kristofferskolan – a Waldorf school in Stockholm (Sweden), and is practicing in the world of voice ever since. He believes the voice is an inherent and much neglected potential and personal right. In its nature, singing is harmonizing and healing, it generates peace and goodwill between people and is an infinite spring of joy and energy.

In the last 30 years, Kefas has been working pedagogically and therapeutically with children, adolescents and adults through singing, playing, dancing and physical theatre. He’s been a choirleader, actor, and he’s been teaching singing, physical theater, contact improvisation and acrobatics. He came for the first time in Romania in 1999, as part of Theatre Slava team, holding a workshop for children.

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The Liberated Voice and the singing that liberates you

Do you know how your voice really sounds? Take a step forward in liberating it by letting it sound as it is, not as you would like it to sound.

We often have a weak connection with our voice because we only learned to control it and never got to know it and befriends with it. This first day is about setting your voice free and creating the space to let it be as it is.

Through breathing exercises, movement and guided practice and play, you will get the chance to build a more relaxed, fun and nonjudgmental relationship with your voice and what you can do with it.

The result:
Realising that the liberated voice is a tool for personal power, self knowledge, courage, focus, balance, a tool for liberating yourself in life. The voice is tied to your personality, it’s an expression of you as a whole.
The Healing Voice – The Voice as your personal healer

This session is more of a personal endeavour which will guide you to use your voice as a healing tool.

The voice is something we are born with. It’s a both a communication tool and a healing tool. The vibration of your tone can set in motion different layers of your being where emotions like grief, sadness, pain and even joy, and energies that you pick up from the world in your day to day life might get stuck.

You will learn:
– to use your own tones as medicine
– to use your voice vibration to relax and eliminate internal blockages and tensions
– to use your voice as vehicle that will bring you in deeper communion with yourself
– tools you could use on a daily basis or in difficult moments.

April 18 and 19, 2015

SCHEDULE (for both days)
10:00 – 12:30 First part
12:30 – 14:00 Lunch (not included in the fee)
14:00 – 16:30 Second part

Bucharest, Romania (the exact location will be published soon)


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SPECIAL GIFT: If you pay until March 27 (the early bird), you also get an invitation to Friday evening’s special session, on April 17 (check down below for details).

Contact us:
Paul Dumitru:, 0749 159 051

Workshop tickets will not be reimbursed after April 13

April 17, 19:30 – 21:00
LOCATION: check upwards (same place as the weekend workshop)

kefas-friday-sessionYour voice is more than just a tool for communication. It is a perfect mirror of your inner state and it communicates about your life every time you open your mouth. Whether you are working with your voice as a teacher, actor, singer or just use it to talk with your partners, colleagues, friends and loved ones, getting to know it better will enrich your life.

The Friday evening session is an intense introduction to getting to know your voice and befriends with it in a new way where allowance, trust and openness are keywords.

This session can be attended as a workshop in itself, or as part of the larger weekend Workshop.



Friday tickets will not be reimbursed after April 10

Kefas will also hold a series of private sessions for people who want to explore even more. Whether you want a Singing Lesson, or a Sound Healing session, you can book your time with Kefas now:

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Let’s put down the veils and masks between us. Let’s be honest and real and allow our melodic voices to bring something pure and direct.Let’s enjoy that together! Looking forward to sharing this experience with you.

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