TEDxCluj 2014: A drawings marathon

Having the fortune to be quartered in an elegant hotel planted on Calea Turzii, one long lane that cuts right through the middle of the southern half of Cluj-Napoca, meant TEDxCluj 2014 was at a walking distance. 17 minutes by Google Maps. And boy, was I eager to get to know this calm, yet growing […]

The creative wave of sketchnoting

In the second half of September 2014, in a land where the soft warm winds of autumn make the palm trees warble and humid air is filled with the strong smell of olives, summer seems to never really end. Even the daylight stretch far into the evening, splashing red and purple on the western sky. Right at this very moment, […]

Leaders Academy 7th edition visual

How would it be if you could take a week off and go to the mountains to have one of the most waking experience in your life about taking the leadership role seriously and doing whatever it takes to accomplish the mission of your team. Whether that means to build a boat with almost bare […]

Romania’s European Dreams point to Education

Education! This is, it seems, Romania’s dream, direction, the lighthouse for the years to come. But it’s not just that. The European Commission organized on the 15th of April in Bucharest, a conference titled “After 10 years…”, celebrating a decade since the start of the last big wave of adhering Countries. Romania was part of […]

Dare to Sketch Note goes to Iasi

The Dare to Sketch Note Workshop starts early on this year, thanks to the people from The Grape. This rather young and enthusiastic co-working space in Iași invited me to hold a session for their members and other people interested in giving life to visual notes on March 14, 2014. There was a great atmosphere […]

Graphic facilitation: Adi’s plans for 2014

How would it be if we could envision our plans? Would it be easier afterwords to make them work? I believe that’s the effect! Drawing Adrian‘s plans for 2014 has been quite the most complex job I have done until now. Not only because he’s got quite a complex year in itself, but also because it has […]

Recording at Romanian Business Leaders Summit

I’ve done this graphic recording for Romanian Business Leaders (RBL), a foundation that facilitates the connection between start-ups and experienced entrepreneurs. They had their third yearly summit in Bucharest, on February 13 and 14, at JW Marriott Grand Hotel. Their summits had two objectives. On one hand, they wanted to draw a line under their […]

Liberated Voice – Personal Development Workshop

What if your voice could reflect your personal power? And what if, through your voice, you would gain the energy, strength and confidence to express who you are? You know how it feels to have words stuck in your throat and not really be able to “speak your mind”. You know how it is to […]

Dare to Sketch Note goes to the Black Sea

How about sketch noting on the beach? Sounds pretty fun! Impact Hub Bucharest kindly asked me to join them in their summer trip to Vama Veche, from 5th to 18th of August 2013. There, they harbored a relaxed co-working space and lots of events for their members and, why not, for people on the beach as […]

Interview for PortalHR: About my career shift

In the summer of 2010, in the middle of the economic crisis, I realized that I must quit my job. I was reporter with business weekly Money Express, one of the most valuable magazines in Romania at that point, but we were confronting with financial challenges. So I decided to begin a journey on my […]