I’m Paul and I’m a graphic recorder.

I do storytelling through words and drawings, in the form of visual maps. Peope have all kinds of names for it: graphic recording, graphic facilitation, mind mapping or visual thinking. It all depends of the context and the objectives.

I’ve been doing storytelling in all sorts of shapes since 2006, as a journalist, online marketing adviser, social media enthusiast, creative thinker, freelancer and entrepreneur. I combine all these skills and use them to help you tell your stories in an engaging, powerful way, both offline and online.

So, you might wanna contact me for…

● You are an event organizer willing to grow the impact of your conferences.
● You are an HR professional wishing to boost the results of the internal R&D programs.
● You are a CEO determined to change the quality and outcomes of your board meetings.
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● You are an entrepreneur seeking a creative way to better communicate the story of your company, projects and services.
● You are a freelancer and want to successfully spread your story in an engaging way.
● You are a speaker and want to make an impact through your speech with a compelling visual presentation.
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● You are an HR professional, a Manager or a CEO who wants to refresh the team meetings. By acquiring the skills of visual thinking, you can grow collaboration, envision ideas and innovate by connecting the dots easier. All of these can be done through using drawings in your work. Organise a Dare to sketch note workshop to make it possible.
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At JuKaVa we are building programs for children and parents based on:

logo-patratos-mic1. Learning through play. Our passion for children development and our experience in psychology empower us to create contexts in which engaging activities absorb children and allow them to develop through play important abilities for a balanced and happy life. From concentration, problem solving, motor skills and inventiveness, to communication, collaboration, empathy, courage, confidence, openness.

2. Healthy adults. Through our experience in psychology and personal development, we offer children healthy models of relating, allowing them to develop their communication abilities, empathy, understanding, listening and relating.

That’s why we believe that learning can happen in any situation with the right approach and abilities. So what we do is to “hide” the principles above inside our carefully crafted programs: parties, workshops, camps, seasonal schools, weekends out and parenting counseling.

JuKaVa was founded in 2012 with zero money and developed as a lean start-up. Our are proud that our impact story is about more than 250 children and parents who benefited from our programs and thus made a step forward towards more meaningful and conscious relationships. Check out more about JuKaVa!

I have been working in four newsrooms until now, writing more than 100 feature articles and 600 news. You can find below a selection of my most relevant stories:

Articles published in Money Express magazine:


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Writing sneaked into my life through my parents (both published authors of prose and poetry) and as an effect of my own curiosity and attraction towards this field. I had my first attempts in middle school and high school, when my Romanian teacher Daniel Tache charmed me with his different approach on literature, based on semiotics.

Then, I enrolled at the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies (University of Bucharest) and from the very first year I joined “The Bullet”, a Bucharest-based newspaper printed for scholars. It was made by a team of students lead and coached by experience American journalist and author Alan Elsner, and prof. George Popescu, from the faculty.

Then I got hired: HR and leadership monthly magazine Cariere, business weekly Money Express and local monthly version of Esquire.

I love poetry because it’s the most beautiful way to say things that are almost impossible to be said. As Edgar Allan Poe put it, poetry is the rhythmical creation of beauty in words. It is the ineffable taking shape. It is freedom. Play. Openness. And you can read mine here: http://micileversuri.blogspot.ro/ 

For my detailed work experience you can take a sneak peak at my LinkedIn profile. Or follow me on social media (see below).